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Construction site webcams and cameras for long-term documentation, construction supervision and time-lapse, “All-in-One” solution for rent. We locate the best vantage for you, position the BAU.CAMERA on your premises, arrange for internet uplink and set up a website for you on which you can view images on your construction site live – on any device.

All In One Solution

Our construction site cameras are assembled by BAU.CAMERA at the locations determined with you and maintained by us for the agreed period of time. The systems are available for rent. After completion of the construction project, we take over the dismantling and you get the entire image material including all image rights provided. Upon request, the online archive can remain accessible for further use for a longer period of time.

You tell us the requirements of your site supervision and we will gladly make you a tailor-made offer. This saves you time and money and benefits from personal support.

Our camera system needs a regular 230 Volt power point. And works as a Plug & Play system. As soon as it is plugged in it will go live and document your building process.

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How It Works & What We Need

To attain the best possible outcome, three things need to be given a thought. First, the camera needs a t-mobile network service (LTE) to connect to our cloud. Second, our system requires a regular 230 Volt power. And third, the positioning of the camera crucial. Our experts will work hand in hand with you to find the best possible vantage for you on your site.
Due to our easy Plug & Play system, self installation is also an option. Hard- and software will be preset up by our technicians.

Once the camera is plugged in it will immediately go live. You will gain access to a live shot of your construction site right away. Share your live shot with your partners and friends on your website or via your social media. Moreover you can login to our online backend 24/7 and find all your data on our cloud.

After completion of your construction project, we can combine all pictures into a complete time-lapse in your corporate design. Thus, the image material can be used effectively on your social media.

Time-Lapse Videos

On request, we can produce a high-quality time-lapse film in full HD with music and your logo from the stored images of the BAU.CAMERA, in two different speeds. The images are selected by hand to ensure the best possible flow of movement.


Happy Clients Are The Best Reference

With our partner NEXTFRAME in Germany, the product BAU.CAMera has already gained 10 years of experience. Above all, it is large companies who rely on reliable and easy-to-use construction site cameras. Of course, our site supervision is also suitable for smaller construction projects – do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly make you an offer.

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Get an offer from today. If requested we will also contact you via phone. In order to achieve an optimal result, some things have to be considered in advance. For this reason, competent advice and careful planning is essential.

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    BAU.CAMERA is one of the most important suppliers of rental camera systems for construction monitoring in Germany, with operations throughout Europe.

    BAU.CAMERA is a service of NEXTFRAME Corporate Film + Media, the agency for communication with film and media from Hannover.



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