Cameras for Supervision and Time-lapse recording

We locate the best vantage for you, position the BAU.CAMERA on your premises, arrange for internet uplink and set up a website for you on which you can view images on your construction site live - on any device.


Capture the progress of your construction site work. You will have a full and secure access to all your footage at all times via the Internet. ​

Time-lapse film

At the ond of your project we will producess a hand crafted timelapse film documenting your production progress. Share the fruits of your success on your social media. ​


Protect your location from theft and vandalism. Also potential offenders will be deterred by the presence of cameras.

´All-in-one´ Service Package for Rent

Customized Offers

The best output can only be guaranteed when we hand craft the right package for your needs at your location. For that reason we customize our offers for each client individually.

Reliable Partners

Our Team will be at your service for questions and requests during the whole time of your project. Further we maintain the camera and monitor the recording.  

Live streaming

Have access to the latest photo on our server of your construction site. Our cameras upload live pictures every 3 minutes via a fast internet LTE/ 4G service. Thus Internet connection on site is not needed, however, a power outlet is required.

Plug & Play

We developed an easy Plug & Play System to ensure lowest possible price for our costumers. Our construction cameras will be sent to you - once plugged in it will go live. All hard and software is already preconfigured by NEXTCAM.


Our time-lapse programmed web camera will upload a high definition photo every 3-5 minutes. All this data is stored on our servers. On demand we store it even when your project is already completed.

Time-lapse film

At the end of your project we will produce a handcrafted timelapse film documenting your production progress. Share the fruits of your success on your social media.

Installation and setup

Hard- and software will be setup, updated and maintained by our team. We can help you sharing live pictures on your website and social media. Let the world be part of your creation.


All your images will be stored on our servers in Germany. All your files can only be accessed by you. We will grant you a password secured online access. Decide yourself when and what you would like to share your progress. We can adjust the release of your data to your schedule.

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