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All in one BAUCAM features

For an optimal outcome careful planning is necessary. To avoid shortcomings our professionals will make sure that  all conditions are meet to make your baucamera a story of success. We offer therefore professional advice for the positioning of your web camera to ensure a high quality. 

Surveillance and Documentation

BAU.CAMERA is an ideal tool to document the progess of your construction works and ensure its security. With an easy access to your images  you will  stay informed about your construction side progress. Use your live pictures to promote your progress on your social media and to secure your property. 

Cameras for Rent

Our All-in-One Service Package for rent provides you a cost controlled, easy and quick way to capture your construction side.

Professional Consulting

Our media experts will work hand in hand with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your project. In order to achieve that we treat every single client with special care. 

24/7 Access to your Content

All your images will be stored on our servers in Germany and are accessable for you 24/7, even after the project finished. All your files can only be accessed by you. We will grant you a password secured online access.


Our time-lapse programmed web camera will upload a high definition foto every 3-5 minutes. All this data is stored on our servers.

Time-lapse Films in your Corporate Design

At the end of your project we will produce a handcrafted timelapse film documenting your production progress. Share the fruits of your success on your social media

Plug & Play System

Our Plug & Play camera is an easy and quick way for you to go live with your construction.  The camera will be already configured and will go live as soon as it has power. 

About us

BAU.CAMERA started its success story as a side product  from our partner company NEXTFRAME in Germany. Over a time span of a decade NEXTFRAME became the biggest supplier of ip-construction site technology. Born in the cradles of a film and media company NEXTCAMs mission is to make BAU.CAMERA available all over Europe.

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Adress: 1e Pijnackerstraat 98A Rotterdam